The Advantages of Disabled Riding Lessons for Horsham Residents

At Sandra's Riding School, we help men and women, and boys and girls, of all ages and abilities to experience the delights of disabled riding lessons at our disabled horse riding school. Our disabled and special needs riding school has helped many residents in Horsham to enjoy a fun and friendly experience with calm horses, ponies and donkeys.

The simple pleasure of working with horses is the cornerstone of our disabled and special needs riding school at Horley, near Horsham. Once you start, everything else slots into place; freedom of movement, confidence, building relationships and the love of being able to connect with animals and nature that disabled riding lessons can bring.

By achieving certain goals through our disabled horse riding school, medical experts ascertain that there are many therapeutic advantages for the rider. As most horse riding schools will tell you, the warmth and movement of the horse is transmitted through the rider's body, gradually making you more relaxed and supple.

This is done by strengthening ability and thus reducing spasms. By improving balance, this helps to build co-ordination and confidence.

Fun and Excitement for All

Our special needs riding school offers an element of excitement often denied to people with learning difficulties or disabilities. By using Sandra's Riding School near Horsham, you can learn how to ride horses and build confidence. Horse riding schools like our own can benefit riders with cerebral vascular accident, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome or injuries resulting from an accident. There are very few conditions our special needs riding school can't accommodate for Horsham residents.

We also use adapted carriages to help disabled visitors from the Horsham area. We can meet you at your vehicle and transfer you to one of our carriages safely. As one of the leading horse riding schools covering Horsham, we take pride in all aspects of our work and provide opportunities to enjoy trekking and hacking throughout the local countryside.

If you live in Horsham and want to find out more about disabled riding lessons, call us today on 07831 833404. We look forward to your call.

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Riding lessons in our sand school
Get in the saddle, or improve your riding style
Hacking out in the country
Leave your stresses behind, riding in that fresh air!
Carriage riding
Ideal for those in a wheelchair, you can still enjoy horse riding!
Care for the horses
Learn to groom, feed and care for your favourite pony